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The Pension Rewards is a decentralized Human Resource hub for discovering qualified talent and global freelance reward ecosystem/platform that gives users the ability to interact, connect, trade/explore skills. Built on the algorithm of proof of freelance and proof of skills. The technology simplifies the process of decentralizing job opportunities, embracing skills, disrupting unemployment. Patents will be stored on blockchain, making them immutable, transparent and secure. Licensing patents will be done through smart contracts, ensuring that all parties meets an agreement.

Establishing The Future WorkForce

We aim to empower the world’s freelance/workers/gurus/youths community by creating one of the largest worker-centric decentralized ecosystem where independent workers can pursue their passions and get the value they deserve from the gig economy.

At a Glance



* Unemployment rate
* Job opportunities to the relevant worker/sentiments
* Delay of Workers Funds
* Fraud, Trust and Transparency
* Currency Barrier
* High Percentage cut on customer funds
* Location and language barrier
* Impersonation
* Quality and time issues


Use Case

Pcoin is a utility token, usable worldwide – Use it to pay hired freelancers on the platform [crypto token for freelancers and employers], exchange on Crypto trading sites, or exchange into your preferred fiat currency and lots more.
Pcoin is going to be issued with a limited amount, therefore, once Pcoin spread globally, demand will play its role in value.


Freelancing on Blockchain

The capabilities of blockchain is set to add a layer of transparency around the ecosystem. Smart contract technology will be replacing domestic escrow and other domestic functions.
With the new transparency system which is completely unique in the blockchain world, we are building barriers which will limit various problems compared to existing centralized platforms.


Utilizers of PensionRewards

Utilization of our token and platform will not be limited but here are the major utilizers.

• Freelancers
• Full-time employees
• Employers/Companies
• Affiliates - To help boost user base and aid promotion while a reward is set aside.

simple to use

Simple to Use and Convenient

The goal is using blockchain efficiently in such a way that the platform users will never have any idea of them using a decentralized system while making it easy to grant rights to freelancers, gurus, who are ready to sell their skills/fields to the decentralized labour market and make something out their top notch services.


No Physical Job?

The unemployment rate statistics gives you a blueprint on how to position yourself to stand out more prominently among the job-search noise and this is why we have PENSION REWARDS PLATFORM. The Pension Rewards is leveraging on the innovative distributed technology of Blockchain

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Token Distribution

token allocation

Funds Allocation

  • 30% - Team/Operational Cost Allocation

  • 40% - Platform

  • 10% - Partnerships

  • 20% - Marketing

token allocation
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The Gaps in our Roadmap are meant for Progress ranging from Quarter to Quarter. Our ICO dates were made like that due to market conditions to avoid us shifting dates. If our caps are met lesser than the proposed range, our roadmap will be updated. Follow Our Social Media Platforms

Our Team

We are confident and innovative people who has a good work ethic and interpersonal skills ranging from different fields of disciplines and regions. We pride ourselves on our ability to persevere, work well with others and autonomously. We are hiring as well... Reach out via


Olawale Odejide



Oscar Michael



Edward Badusi

Project Manager


Fulfil Nelson

Blockchain Expert


Prosongit Sorker

Marketing Expert


Ololade Dada

Community Manager


Jahanzaib Waris



Kayode Sunday



Stephen Voski

Social Media Manager


Oyenike O. Abodunrin

Customer Relations Executive

Advisory Board


Franklin Peters



Kamal Mustafa

Data Scientist


Petr Myachin

Blockchain Expert


Mauro Andriotto

Professor of Finance|ICO Expert


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Current Partners

Decentralized Partnerships

We are open to collaborations towards the building of Pension Rewards Platform/Company. One partner at a time. Join and support us!


Questions and Answer

We are talented Nigerians who has great motives about problem solving with the use of blockchain and to expand the goals of cryptocurrencies. We are in the Start Up Stage. Please Ensure you read our whitepaper in order to fully understand our Project and Goals before investing.
The total supply of Pension Coin PCoin Tokens is 250 million. 175 million (70% of the total supply) is allocated to the Token sale. All unsold Tokens will be burned.
We accept Ethereum (ETH) which can be monitored via our smart contract. For transparency.
To learn how to buy PCoin. Click Here Now To Read On Our Blog [Opens in a New Tab]
Min. purchase amount per transaction: 0.1ETH.
Max. purchase amount per transaction: No maximum.
We support all ERC20 wallets incl. myetherwallet, trust wallet, metamask, imtoken, Trezor, and Nano Ledger S.
Ensure you keep your ERC20 wallets Json Files or Private Keys safe.
Please don‘t send ETH directly from Exchanges. You can only credit your ERC20 wallets with ETH from exchange sites and then send ETH from your ERC20 enabled wallets to our Smart Contract Address to claim your Tokens Instantly.
Soft Cap: 12,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 22,000 ETH
Yes, We run a airdrops referrals via Google Forms Join Telegram Group and some bounty sites as well. Join our telegram group for more updates.
According to our roadmap, Bonuses will be credited after ICO.
Yes, there is a bounty program. For more information visit and join:
The PCoin Token is a Utility Token based on Ethereum blockchain. It is NOT a Security Token. Token holders will not receive any profit sharing, dividends or equity in the company.
You won't be able to purchase PCoin Tokens on exchanges during the ICO, as the Tokens are sold by PensionRewards only. After the ICO you will be able to purchase/trade PCoin from our projected exchanges after listing.
Unfortunately some countries are not allowed to participate (e.g. United States of America, People’s Republic of China, Iran, North Korea, North Dakota, Syria, Sudan, or Cuba).
No. KYC can only be implemented once we fully launch our platform, so as to have a trusted users around the platform
Yes, You can participate in our Private sales by mailing us via [50% Bonus on 10ETH above.. Limited Period]. Be aware that any offer of Pension Rewards PCoin outside the Pension Rewards Smart Contract Address is a scam. Please report
You will be able to trade your Tokens after the closing of the ICO. You will be able to trade your PCoin on exchanges.
We will be in discussion with various exchanges after our softcap and we will notify everyone. The listing will start after the closing of the ICO when we have finished processing all payments and all checks are confirmed, Kindly see our ROADMAP. NOTE: You get your tokens instantly if you send ETH to our smart contract.
Here is our only smart contract address: 0x54fafe3442d050c022b7818e50ab448303e47d30
Contacting us on Telegram is the easiest method. But you can contact us with E-Mail us [], Twitter and Steemit, too.

Contact With Us

Have any questions? Reach out to us and we'll get back to you shortly.

  • Email-id:

    Osogbo, Nigeria

    Phone: +234 703 620 6205, +234 816 687 5833

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